Инфекционная клиническая больница города Москвы №2 официальный сайт
г. Москва, 8-я ул. Соколиной горы, д. 15
«Инфекционная клиническая больница №2 Департамента здравоохранения города Москвы»
Государственное бюджетное учреждение здравоохранения города Москвы

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Медицинский туризм




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About hospital

Infectious Diseases Hospital № 2 opened in July 1, 1937 and located in East Autonomous Okrug of Moscow, Sokolinaya Gora district.

Patients with erysipelas, meningococcal infection, malaria, cholera, HIV, hemorrhagic fever, acute intestinal diseases are treated in State Budgetary Healthcare Institution Infectious Diseases Hospital № 2 Moscow Health Department.


Here we provide emergency and elective medical care not only to Moscow citizens, but also the inhabitants of other regions of Russia, as well as citizens of foreign countries.

Today the Infectious Diseases Hospital № 2 is a modern medical-diagnostic establishment that has 790 beds.

We have 327 physicians: 13 doctors have post-doctoral degree in medicine, 54 Candidates of Medicine, 3 Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, 80 high level certificate physicians. Also here work 505 employees of nursing staff and 50 - junior staff

Врачи ИКБ№2

Hospital consists of buildings on the area of 18 hectares. Operate 30 medical offices for the reception of patients with various infectious diseases, department of infectious disease, X-ray department (which includes cabinet of computer tomography, magnetic resonance tomography), physiotherapy department, clinical diagnostic and bacteriological laboratories, laboratory of enzyme multiplied immunoassay, express laboratory, pharmacy, nutrition, cabinets of ECG, ultrasound investigation, endoscopy and laser therapy.

When you address to Infectious Diseases Hospital № 2 for medical assistance, you can be sure that you trust your health to the highest professionals, and you will be provided with high-quality and efficient medical care.